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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Apr 30, 2013 - 22:01.

New GTA 5 Official Trailers!

Today sees three new GTA 5 trailers, each one featuring a different protagonist. Michael, Franklin and Trevor are all featured within the Los Santos game world going about their business.

Michael is shown to be a family man, but with some issues. He seems to enjoy his heists. Franklin seems to be more of the gangsta type, while Trevor is a bit of a country person but more insane.

The trailer below is a merged version, featuring all three trailers one after the other.

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 02, 2013 - 00:42.

GTA 5 Release Date Delayed Until September 17th 2013
Unfortunately, Rockstar have announced that GTA 5 has been delayed, and set a release date for September 17th 2013. The game had originally been scheduled for the Spring, which would be between March and May. It is unknown why the game was delayed. A statement on the Rockstar website reads:

"We know this is about four months later than originally planned and we know that this short delay will come as a disappointment to many of you, but, trust us, it will be worth the extra time. GTAV is a massively ambitious and complex game and it simply needs a little more polish to be of the standard we and, more importantly, you require.

To all Grand Theft Auto fans, please accept our apologies for the delay, and our promise that the entire team here is working very hard to make the game all it can be. We are doing all we can to help ensure it will meet if not exceed your expectations come September we thank you for your support and patience."


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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jan 04, 2013 - 22:56.

2 More Screenshots

Happy new year to all! Rockstar have added two new screenshots to their website, along with revealing that the GTA 5 cover art will be announced later this month. As Spring is fast approaching it won't be long before we are able to tell you the release date. Check out the new screenshots below.

Vinewood sign - GTA 5: Los Santos

Liquor store fire - GTA 5: Los Santos

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 24, 2012 - 19:13.

5 New GTA 5 Screenshots

It's Christmas Eve and 5 new screenshots have appeared on the Rockstar website. Rockstar are definitely giving focos to the underwater world in this game as one screenshot shows a massive whale, while another shows a submarine type vehicle. There is also some aircraft and a couple of other shots. Happy holidays everyone!

Whale - GTA 5: Los Santos

Submarine - GTA 5: Los Santos

Planes - GTA 5: Los Santos

Three Protagonists - GTA 5: Los Santos

Car - GTA 5: Los Santos

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 30, 2012 - 23:34.

Trevor Artwork

Some GTA 5 artwork has appeared on the Rockstar website today, showing Trevor holding a gun on what looks like a quad bike. A quote from the Rockstar website says:

"Meet Trevor Phillips, the unhinged, unpredictable, psychopathic career criminal and drug addict that you will play as one of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V this spring."

Trevor Artwork - GTA 5: Los Santos

Source: Rockstar Games

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 18, 2012 - 22:26.

Q&A With Dan Houser at IGN

IGN have sat with Dan Houser for a two hour interview about GTA 5 and the series in general. There is a lot of information to be found and as always we recommend you read the original article as well. However we have summarised the main points below.

  • The three protagonists idea is to help cut out a lot of the boring or transitional parts of missions.
  • Not all missions will have you switching protagonist, some may use only one or two.
  • Rockstar's stand on multiplayer and single player is that they are both equally important.
  • There is a large focus on heists and money in GTA 5.
  • In GTA 4 you played as an assassin, they wanted to make 5 different so focused on heists.
  • There will be more ways to spend your money in this game.
  • Playstation Move and Kinect are not in the game to help make it feel seamless.
  • GTA 5 is only confirmed for PS3 and XBox 360, everything else is up for consideration.
  • Missions will feature musical scores, however radio stations aren't going away.
  • There are some small towns and villages dotted around the map.
Source: IGN

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 17, 2012 - 21:51.

GTA 5 Q&A from Game Informer

Game Informer have held a Q&A session with their members whereby they answer some of the questions people have regarding GTA 5. The full Q&A is well worth a read and can be found at the link below. However some of the main points we gathered that we thought were the most interesting are:

  • You can not play the entire game with just one character. You will have to switch between Trevor, Michael and Franklin depending on the situation. This is an interesting concept and unique to the series. In one mission you will control a helicopter as Trevor, switch to Michael for an exit on to a building and then either stay as Michael or Franklin for the action part, while finally having a choice at the end of the mission as to whether to fly the helicopter or to shoot at pursuers.
  • There is no co-op mode whereby you and a friend can control different protagonists.
  • None of the three protagonists can be permanently killed.
  • You can walk into any of the houses that belong to the protagonists.
  • Outside of missions you can play as any character, each having unique side activities.
  • Franklin owns a dog, called Chop.
  • The entire GTA 5 map is open from the beginning since each protagonist lives in different locations.
  • Switching characters is a fast way to get across the map since they live in different areas.
  • The Los Santos metro area makes the city larger than Liberty City, however the downtown area is smaller than Liberty City.
  • Rockstar is using the dynamic mission structure featured in Red Dead Redemption.
  • You will be able to swim underwater and there will be areas to explore.
  • Television and the internet will mark a return.
  • You will be able to set things on fire outside of missions.
  • Each character has their own inventory of weapons and money, however this may change before release.
  • None of the characters from GTA III, Vice City or San Andreas are in the game, however some may return from GTA IV.
  • The wanted system will not be changing much.
Source: Game Informer

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 15, 2012 - 19:01.

Our Look at the Second GTA 5 Trailer

So it has been two days since the second GTA 5 trailer was released and we have all been analysing every little bit of it and trying to speculate on what it contains. We take a look at the main scenes found within it and give our views on what they could mean.

Just like the last last GTA5 trailer analysis we found it creates more questions than it answers. Hopefully more information will come soon to help clear up some of the speculation. The trailer is action packed and certainly leaves us looking forward to the game's release in the spring.

Read on for our analysis.


GTA 5 Observatory scene

The trailer starts off with a view of Los Santos from the observatory. It looks like we can go right up to this observatory, but will we be able to go inside? It would be pretty cool if you could, and use some kind of telescope to zoom in on the city..


GTA 5 Mansion

Moving on we see a view of Michael's mansion with a tennis court. This brings us to speculate on whether one of the minigames will be tennis. This could be a nice addition to the series. In the background we can see hills, so this mansion is located on the edge of the city.


GTA 5 Mansion Kitchen

The trailer then shows a scene inside the mansion where two women appear to be having an argument inside the kitchen. It seems likely that we will be able to enter this mansion, but what purpose it will serve in the story remains to be scene. There is also a shot of Michael relaxing with a drink beside the pool.


GTA 5 Trains

The trailer moves into the city now with a view of a freight train heading towards downtown Los Santos. Trains seem to feature heavily in this trailer so it is a fair assumption to make that we may be able to ride them, if not drive them. On the highway bridge above the tracks we can see a bus and various other vehicles.


GTA 5 Desert Highway

Moving out of the city now on the desert highway. We can see heavy goods vehicles with 18 wheels and dump trucks. It seems there will be no shortage of large vehicles to play around with in the countryside. In the distance we can see satellite dishes and a wind farm. The trailer then moves on to a shot outside a liquor store with the satellites in clear view.


GTA 5 Trailer Home in water

Afterwards we are taken to a location in the middle of the countryside where a trailer home is sitting in some water. It is likely it is in water because of a flood but the exact reason is currently unknown. Trevor looks like he may be going to kill the owner of the trailer home. Perhaps this is one of the missions.


GTA 5 Trevor Phillips

The next few scenes show Trevor committing some violent crimes against people while the line "The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Phillips Enterprises or they ain't going!" is spoken by Trevor. What is Trevor Phillips Enterprises? It sounds like some kind of dodgy business that he is running.


GTA 5 Bandito

The Bandito from GTA San Andreas marks a return in GTA 5 and will be good fun in the off-road parts of the map. Also in this part of the trailer we can see a cement mixer and the satellites from earlier.


GTA 5 Arson

Trevor is seen hurling a Molotov Cocktail through the window of a house, immediately setting it on fire and destroying it. This will most likely form part of a story mission and we will have to wait and see to find out why it is being destroyed and who the house belongs too.


GTA 5 Los Santos city view

There is a lot of detail in the next scene. We see another freight train and another city bus, while in the background we can see a bridge which is modeled after LA's famous Vincent Thomas Bridge and a coliseum which is modeled after the LA Memorial Coliseum. In real life the coliseum is used as a sports stadium and has a capacity crowd of 93,607. Hopefully this time we will be able to do something in it, as often large stadiums are just landmarks in GTA games.


GTA 5 Gangs

>Here we see what looks like a gang containing Michael, Franklin and Lamar near a beach. These guys are sure to play an important role in the story. One of them is looking for Berto Beach House, where another points him towards it. In the background you can see the beach and in the distance a funfair.


GTA 5 Car Theft

Next up is a scene where Franklin appears to be taking a man's car from his home and driving it away at speed. Lots of different vehicles can be seen as he drives it away.


GTA 5 Trailer Dropping Cars

Here we see a trailer carrying lots of cars drop one off as it is moving. The car then almost hits a police car that is in pursuit. We can only hope this is not a one off story event and that we will be able to do this whenever we are driving a trailer loaded with cars. It could be a nice weapon in a chase.


GTA 5 Boat scene

Here we have more special vehicle action with a truck carrying a boat. There is a guy swinging along with the boat's sail pole, who is presumed to be Franklin's son Jimmy that was mentioned in the previous shot. The guy is attempting to board the red car as it is moving and he succeeds in doing so. The scene plays out as they head towards the Vincent Thomas Bridge.


GTA 5 Cuban 800 Plane

With such a large map, flying is going to play a big part in getting around. Here we see Trevor boarding a light aircraft known as a Cuban 800. The red and white plane takes off from an airport out in the desert while a man is firing at it. In the distance black smoke is seen coming from an area near the building. Trevor flies the plane through the mountains in pursuit of a white plane ahead. The freight train is once again visible, on a bridge to the left of the scene.


GTA 5 Heist

The next part of the trailer shows a heist. A door to a vault is blown open, along with another door where armed men are waiting to take their loot.


GTA 5 Dogs

GTA 5 marks the first appearance of dogs in a GTA game. The dog is a rottweiler, which is a breed of dog known for aggression and often used by gangs.


GTA 5 Building Rappelling

The next shot is of Michael rappelling down a skyscraper. This is the IAA building, which in real life is the California Plaza. As he moves down you can see people in the windows. It will be an interesting gameplay element if we can do this in the game and use it to enter buildings through the windows.


GTA 5 Plane Jumping

What an interesting scene we have here. Trevor is in a jeep on a cargo plane, the jeep rolls out the back of it and Trevor jumps out with a parachute ready. The desert is visible below and you can see a highway as well as the satellite dishes and airstrip from earlier.


GTA 5 Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes and quad bikes are visible here, in what looks like an off-road race. Off-road racing played a part in GTA San Andreas and it is likely to do the same here. A small crash occurs in the scene.


GTA 5 Train Crash

Trevor is seen climbing on to the freight train that is seen throughout the trailer. He can then be seen jumping from it later on as it crashes head on with another freight train coming the opposite way. What part did Trevor play in this crash and will this be something we can freely do or will it be confined to a mission? Either way it should be fun.


GTA 5 Hydra shooting missiles

The final scene in the trailer shots a military plane, most likely a Hydra, shooting missiles at a police helicopter. The helicopter is destroyed upon impact. The Hydra first appeared in GTA San Andreas so it is no a surprise to see it return in GTA 5.

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 14, 2012 - 18:12.

Official GTA 5 Trailer 2

Today we bring you the second official GTA 5 trailer

The trailer shows more of Los Santos and its surrounding areas, along with the large amount of vehicles present in the game and how they will be put to use. We reckon this game may have the widest range of vehicles ever in a GTA game! The trailer also reveals dogs in action and some shots that look to be from mission gameplay.

We will bring you another full trailer analysis soon but for now it's here it is.

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 05, 2012 - 19:34.

Second Trailer Expected on November 14th
Just a short update here to tell you all that the second GTA 5 trailer will be online from Wednesday, November 14th 2012. You can of course watch it here but it will first appear on Rockstar's own website. What will we get to see in this trailer? Only time will tell. Here is a piece of artwork Rockstar released alongside the trailer announcement, showing a thug with an angry dog.

Trailer 2 Artwork - GTA 5: Los Santos

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