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GTA 5 100% Completion Checklist

For many GTA 5 fans, keeping track of your progress towards 100% completion will be quite difficult due to the high number of tasks that will be required. In GTA IV in order to get the platinum trophy or XBox 360 equivalent you had to 100% complete the game. This is likely to be the same in GTA 5.

GTA IV's 100% checklist required you to complete every mission, every side quest, every stunt jump, obtain every hidden package, meet all the random characters, complete every race and more. Each task was weighted with a percentage that added up to 100.

In order to help us keep track of our progress we will be creating an online GTA 5 100% checklist for you to follow and keep track of your progress. As a member of our website you will be able to save this to your user account and your progress will be shown on your profile.

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